1. Basil y Cecil, a lovely french couple dedicated to environmental education

  2. Nuestra Jefe, Marcela

  3. Its off to new horizons. Chilean Patagonia. At the base of Almirante Nieto we spend our days volunteering with AMA Torres del Paine.


  4. Unfortunately I lost a rather important flash drive that contained the majority of the Bariloche. I didn’t back up the pictures as a very dear friend advised. Back up your photos!!! So I am skipping straight to Patagonia. Oh darn.

  5. Land of Spires

  6. Frey, Argentina

    Hand Jamming lessons, climbing towers, swimming in mountain lakes, and star gazing

  7. Off to new horizons, on the road again

  8. Waking up to pouring rain, choppy waters on the return. 

  9. Isla de Mancera, we went camping with the King of the Isle, David, who was shouting from rooftops (Couchsurfing) about his Island and how wonderful it is. Oh and it truly was. 

  10. Colorful Mancera

  11. The Isle of Mancera is a blue Kingdom.

  12. On the isle of Mancera, flies the size of human finger exist. They pester and bite and must be killed at all costs.

  13. Camping on the Isla de Mancera with King David, rey de su propia isla

  14. Entre Argentina y Chile

  15. Another plane of time: Mendoza, Argentina